Distance Learning

E-Learning solution for Indan Army is a ambitious project of indian army 5 signals group. Developed solution is a major help in cutting costs by reducing the movement of personals for training purpose and by optimal utilization of trainers. Elearning is knowledge pool for topics of use along with online assessment and question Pools. Solution has ability to unicast/Multicast online classes to selected users over a optimised bandwidth. Online classes can also be stored for later reference and aid in training. Briefly following features can give glimpse on functionality of solution.
  • Content Storage (different type and format of contents).
  • Strict Security (Based on nature of information access levels can be define and security spans across the board).
  • Strong Searching Capabilities (information can be searched across different file formats and database entries).
  • Online Classes (supported with unicast / multicast video along with storage and delayed viewing).
  • Online Collaboration (through screen sharing in read only mode and audio mode with text and graphical infraction).
  • Online/Offline Assessment (both modes are supported where offline mode is supported through Emails).
  • Question Pool (Strong question bank management capabilities).
  • Configurable evaluation mode/ guided tests (As a difference tests not only evaluate but also help in guided learning).
  • Bulletin boards / Dashboard (Announcements and latest information relevant to user is presented in easy manner).
  • search (search on file system does not expose content Location).
  • Extensive Auditing (All Actions of users are logged with time stamp and request origin identity).
  • Tools to analyses Logs generated by system.
  • User-friendly content management interfaces for administration.
  • Internal messaging support for administrative purpose.

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