Spectra SMS

With the proliferation of mobile technologies in our daily lives, one of the most potent communication tools is easily accessible at the touch of a button. Not only is this tool omnipresent, providing instant accessibility, but also provides for inexpensive communication on the go. Multifarious technologies should be able to talk to each other to provide for fast and effective communication, enabling informed business decisions. Spectra SMS Suite has following major functionalities on offer

1. E-Mail to SMS
2. SMS to E-Mail
3. Query data from any existing in house application
4. Scheduled Broadcast of Information
5. Data collection using in-built concepts like voting
6. Extensive MIS Logs and Reports

Also Find attached detailed Specs of solution, this solution is being used by some of the most esteemed organizations in India. For further details please feel free to CONTACT US

Product Details
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